Synergy 1.6.3

Synergy 1.6.3 is now available to download.

Bug #4349 – Mouse click does not always bring window to front
Bug #4463 – Unidentified developer error on Mac OS X
Bug #4464 – Code signing verify failure not reported on Mac build
Bug #4465 – Binary (syntool) is not code signed on Windows
Enhancement #4455 – Replace version with branch name in package filename

Download Synergy for free!


Good news…

Download Synergy for free (as in free beer).

Free Beer

I decided to create a free download page for Synergy, which makes older versions of our compiled binaries and source code available without the need to pay (for the latest version, users still need to purchase).

I’m hoping this will make Synergy more accessible to people who can’t afford to pay (for example, students or those living in developing countries) while still keeping our project funded. I am trying to figure out how to give the latest version to those who genuinely cannot afford it, as I believe this is important, but haven’t yet figured out a way to make sure this won’t be abused (but I’m working on it).

Secondly, while Synergy is free (as in freedom) many free download sites host our compiled binaries in order to profit their own business without giving back to the Synergy community. While this is legal and permitted by the GPL (how we license our work), I feel it goes against the spirit of our community. Given that file hosting is so cheap these days, I don’t feel that just providing hosting is enough. Free download sites profit from the work of others by either advertising (which is surprisingly lucrative) or bundling the original version with other (unwanted) software which results in a poor user experience. In an ideal world, companies profiting from our work would contribute back to our community, but this doesn’t appear to be happening, and I’m pretty sure it never will (there are countless ways to contribute, and file hosting just doesn’t cut it for me).

Please link to the free Synergy download page from your website or blog to make our advert-free download page the first result when searching for “Synergy free download” on search engines.

<a href="">Download Synergy for free</a>


Synergy 1.6 is here!


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that Synergy 1.6 is now stable and ready to use!

Download Synergy 1.6

We’ve been working on version 1.6 (which introduces the auto config feature) for around 6 months now, and its finally ready. Thank you so much to all who tested and contributed to our 1.6 beta version, we really appreciate all your hard work and support.

Auto config (new feature)
Look ma, no hands!
Xinyu Hou (a Software Engineer here at Synergy) has been working tirelessly on the new auto config feature for quite some time now, and it’s finally stable and ready for everyone to use. No more awkwardly hand-typing IP addresses and screen names for you guys! Just download and install Synergy, then watch it go…

Shift key bug fix (Windows)
Microsoft released several security fixes over the last 3 months, which caused Synergy users to experience issue #4055 (shift key stopped working completely on clients with Windows server). Thanks to Chris Ribe (one of our valued contributors), this issue has now been fixed! A round of applause for this guy, please!

Bonjour is now optional
Our beta testers gave us some very useful feedback about the Bonjour installer: apparently its not always welcome, so we made it optional. You’ll still need Bonjour for auto-config to work, but we added an automatic download feature within the user interface, so you only need to authorize the install when prompted.

Drag and drop on by default
Previously, you needed to enter your premium password to use the drag and drop feature (available on Windows and Mac). We have since enabled drag and drop by default for everyone (no need to login anymore).

Make $5 by referring a friend!
We’ve just added a referral reward program for Synergy. When your friend buys Synergy, we give you $5, just for spreading the word. It’ll be the easiest $5 you ever make, plus you’ll be helping the development of open source software. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, and no limit on how much you can make. Go to your Synergy account to refer a friend today!

Mac OS X Yosemite
Synergy is now fully supported on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10. Apple had changed their binary signing policy, which caused the Synergy app to be rejected by Gatekeeper. This has now been fixed, and Synergy is now officially supported on Yosemite.

Better at Windows UAC
When switching between the login screen and the normal desktop, Synergy now elevates the process automatically for you, depending on whether or not its needed. For now you may still need to elevate Synergy manually to use elevated programs, so we made the manual elevation option available in the settings menu.

Even more bug fixes!
Please check out our ChangeLog for a full list of bugs fixed in 1.6 (this includes beta and stable versions).


The Synergy blog is back!

We have reintroduced our blog after popular demand. We removed our blog originally because it had a security bug that was being used to launch a DDoS attack. To avoid having to maintain security updates, we’ve moved to the WordPress hosting service. We will now post updates through the following media: email notifications (sign up at our site), Facebook, Twitter and this blog.

For our blog readers that don’t use email notifications, Facebook or Twitter, here’s what you missed…

  • Synergy 1.4.18, 1.5.0, 1.5.1 and 1.6.0 have been released (check out the ChangeLog for details on what we changed). Most notably, we have added an auto-config feature which uses Bonjour.
  • We introduced a $5 download fee for new users (those who haven’t donated previously). This has allowed us to hire two new software engineers (effectively doubling our team size). We’re still open source though (so we’re still “free as in free speech”) — its just that now we just charge for the service of maintaining and hosting the Synergy binaries.
  • We switched to Github (for both code and issue tracking), as its better for collaboration (we sucked at managing patches) and its better for developer workflow (we were holding off on small commits and then committing huge chunks of code, which is bad).

Synergy 1.4.17 released

Synergy 1.4.17 has now been released. Download it now from the Synergy website.

Fixed bugs:

Bug #2836 – Unable to begin screen name or alias with numbers
Bug #3796 – Some files being unintentionally dragged (including explorer.exe)
Bug #3886 – Alias is allowed to match screen name
Bug #3919 – RPM install fails on Fedora 20, failed dependencies: libcurl
Bug #3921 – Error: synwinxt.dll outdated (upgrading from 1.4.15 to 1.4.16)
Bug #3927 – Mavericks accessibility exception not working (when upgrading from 1.4.15 to 1.4.16)
Bug #3933 – Plus signs in the email address cause premium login to fail
Bug #3939 – Compile fails on ARM (Raspberry Pi) because of cryptopp/Crypto++ lib
Bug #3947 – Conflicts when using yum localinstall on Fedora 20
Bug #3959 – Premium title doesn’t always show on first login
Bug #3968 – GUI auto-hides on initial first install (with no config)

Tasks complete:

Task #3936 – Change installer to WiX for improved file upgrade process
Task #3950 – Poll modifier after key down on Mac OS X and log results
Task #3951 – Clear filename stored in synwinxt on mouse up
Task #3952 – Make Premium wizard page cleaner
Task #3953 – Inherit XArch and XBase from std::exception
Task #3954 – Make “lock to screen” log message go to NOTE level instead of DEBUG
Task #3960 – Split CMSWindowsHookLibraryLoader into hook and shellex loaders
Task #3961 – Remove Windows 95 support
Task #3963 – Disable failing Linux unit/integ tests on Fedora 20 32-bit (valgrind SIGILL)
Task #3964 – Make Premium login error more verbose
Task #3969 – Merge String.cpp and StringUtil.cpp

Synergy 1.4.16 released

Synergy 1.4.16 has now been released. Download it now from the Synergy website.

Fixed bugs:

Bug #3338 – Alt tab not working with Windows 8
Bug #3642 – Failed to start server on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, assistive devices problem
Bug #3785 – Synwinxt.dll error opening file for writing during install of 1.4.15
Bug #3787 – Wont automatically load after login on OS X
Bug #3788 – Configuration wizard: Premium login fails when behind a proxy
Bug #3796 – Some files being unintentionally dragged (including explorer.exe)
Bug #3799 – Synergy Client on Fedora crashes on drag/drop operations
Bug #3818 – Client freezes on Mac OS 10.6.8
Bug #3874 – Premium GUI login is case sensitive for email
Bug #3911 – Drag and drop error on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Spotlight your open source project

Q: Suggestions to spotlight open source projects in serous need of donations to stay afloat.

A: It seems that you really need to tell people *before* they download the software, and you need to tell them its urgent. We get most of our donations before people download (as opposed to by using the link in the actual program).

Q: Resources to find smaller lesser known projects.

A: I’ve been trying really hard to do this myself, and its no easy task. I tried to write a program to scour SourceForge for well-downloaded, but very out of date… unfortunately, SF make it harder than needs-be to do this — the only way to access this data is by crawling their site, which is a painful process.

Q: Suggestions to spotlight open source projects that have benefited many, but are in need of donations to continue.

A: Same as my first suggestion I think, the problem is that projects just don’t know how to ask for donations effectively.

Q: Resources to find & contact projects leaders.

A: I put my email address and phone number on the website home page, I suggest other project leaders do the same. I get many more emails than phone calls, and most of the calls go to voicemail as they’re out of hours, but the information you get from users is invaluable!